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We’ve all heard it…”I know I can write a book, but I’m so…(fill in the blank.)

I think most people dream about writing. I hear it at events, when someone asks what I do for a living, and even when I cash my royalty checks. The question I most often hear is, “How do I start?” and my answer is always, “Write something.”

Since you’re here, I suppose you’ve made it that far. You’ve completed a manuscript and are entering the scary edit stage, or you’ve been doing well and hit the wall. Maybe you just aren’t confident of your own judgement.

Well, let’s see if I can help you. Here, I offer the skills I learned writing history papers for years and years, and also the experience of being a published author, a poet and a playwright. I offer editing services, arts and creativity coaching, and original content for websites, blogs and newsletters.

Let’s take your work and make it shine. Let’s pick apart that passage that isn’t quite working, or spend some time solving a problem that’s blocking you.

Let’s take your best and make it better.


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